Dairy Box Medium Milk Chocolates

Dairy Box Medium Milk Chocolates


Dairy Box was launched in 1936, with early advertising including the slogan: “She’ll love it if you bring her chocolates, She’ll love you if they’re Dairy Box “.

Each box contains ten varieties of delicious milk chocolates all free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Silky Hazelnut – Smooth praline creme in a milk chocolate case

Orange Truffle – Orange truffle with a hint of tangy zest

Vanilla Cup – Soft vanilla with crispy wafer and a dark chocolate drop

Chocolate Velvet – Luxurious velvety truffle with a white chocolate top

Raspberry Sundae – Creamy raspberry truffle fills a milk chocolate dome

Caramel Crisp – Crispy caramel truffle in an elegant milk and white chocolate swirl

Crispy Truffle – Smooth chocolate truffle with crispy pieces

Vanilla Nut Crunch – Vanilla truffle with caramelised almond pieces

Praline Heart – Praline truffle in a milk chocolate heart

Almond Ripple – Soft praline encased in an almond shell


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